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Classes undertaken


Bharatanatyam Beginnner Classes

This course focuses on understanding the basics of the dance, that is, music, movement, and rhythm. It also gives a chance for the participants to explore the gestural and body language as expression and meaning in connection with stories. The course aims at giving a taste of Indian aesthetics and musicality but more importantly creating an awareness of facial and bodily communication (non-verbal communication) through a specially designed pedagogy merging historical and contemporary.


Bharatanatyam classes for Adults

The courses are for building up the technique from the basics which is essential for learning this dance style. First the individual steps, hand gestures and body movements are trained, followed by the teaching of the Bharatanatyam repertoire in its traditional order.



Arangetram literally means ascending the stage. Abhinayavarshini Arts Center rigourously trains the disciples in Kalakshetra Style for their Arangetram Course. Students trained by other gurus can also get coached for Arangetram provided they have good knowledge in the techniques.

Arangetram will be the debut on-stage performance of a student with live classical dance and music. Upon the performance completion in stage, the dancer completes the formal training and receives certificate from us


Vocal and Music

Carnatic music is traditionally taught according to the system formulated by Purandara Dasa. This involves varisais (graded exercises), alankaras (exercises based on the seven talas), geetams or simple songs, and Swarajatis. After the student has reached a certain standard, varnams are taught and later, the student learns kritis.

Veena classes are also conducted based on interest


Workshops on Dance and Drama

The school works with leading dance and drama practitioners in the industry that provides short-term trainings. Workshops specialises in producing a dance drama of a specific concept and enable students to participate in choreograph which induces the creativity. In addition, we do workshops abroad and train the artists to enact thematic project for special occasions. For Ex: Abhinayavarshini Arts Center has been extensively involved in production and choreographing dance drama "Maruthanaygam" in Minnesota Tamil Sangam Festival